Day to day accounting and business support

We can reduce the burden of paperwork to let you get on with your main business – farming!

Through the year we can help with book keeping and VAT returns – we can do these for you as part of your annual accounts process or we can advise you on the methods and software that suit your needs best. Take a look at our page on Xero cloud based accounting software for an example of one possible approach.

At the end of the year we’ll prepare and explain your annual farm accounts so you can see where the cash has gone and how your costs have changed. We'll do this in plenty of time so there are no surprises waiting for you in January when it’s time to pay your tax.

We’ll make sure that your accounts make your status as an active farmer clear (required for Basic Payment Scheme claims), and advise you of any practical steps needed for this.

We can help you make the best possible use of all reliefs and allowances available to reduce your tax bill. We’ll always review your taxable profits in comparison to the previous years and make any tax-saving averaging claims that are available; this is even more valuable after April 2016 when the period available for averaging increases from two years to five years. Averaging claims often result in a refund of tax paid in earlier years.

If you are farming in partnership, we can advise you on the best way to share the farm profits between the partners, taking into account all other sources of income. This means that, taken as a whole famly, you could end up paying less tax.

If you employ family members (or have other employees) we can advise on tax efficient salaries, national insurance and pension auto-enrolment obligations, and the requirements to report payroll information to HMRC on the real-time basis.

If we are doing your book-keeping on a quarterly basis, or if you are using cloud based accounting software we can provide ongoing advice on cashflow to help you plan your purchases and keep overdraft fees to a minimum.

Talk to us now on 01434 683020 or email to see how we can help you with your farm accounting needs.

Initial consultations, held on your farm and at your convenience, are free and without any obligation.

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